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The minimum age requirements for attending ABLE classes and taking the GED test are outlined below. The age waiver form is signed at the discretion of the superintendent of schools for each district. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ABLE office at (440) 354-5551.

Ohio Department of Education

Adult Basic and Literacy Education

Age Requirements for ABLE classes and the G.E.D.

The following requirements must be maintained:

ABLE Classes

1. If a student is 16 or 17, he/she may enroll in an ABLE class if the student is officially withdrawn from school and if he/she has an age and schooling certificate (work permit) signed by the school of withdrawal and the employer.

2. If a student is 18 or older, he/she may enroll if not enrolled in secondary school.

G.E.D. Testing

1. If the student is 16, 17, or 18, he/she may take the GED test if the exceptions outlined on the form have been met. This is the age waiver form that is signed by the superintendent as his/her discretion.

2. If the student is 19 or older, he/she may take the GED test.

* The language outlined on the age waiver form is taken from Chapter 3301-41 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

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